About the handy little list

Many Internet directories are huge, but the handy little list is a selective Internet directory that fits on a single screen (without any need to scroll) for most people. Even though it fits on a single screen, it has over 500 links.

the handy little list has a new home

The handy little list was hosted by Prairienet.org from 1997 through 2008. Prairienet.org is discontinuing web hosting, so http://www.whpgs.org/a.htm is now the permanent home of the handy little list.

Prairienet.org is redirecting handy little list to the new address, but only for a limited time. Please return to the handy little list and update your bookmarks or favorites so you will be able to reach http://www.whpgs.org/a.htm after Prairienet.org stops redirecting.

If you link to the handy little list, please update your link so it points to http://www.whpgs.org/a.htm rather than Prairienet.org.


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